IoT & AI Analytics

Real Time Data to Optimize Crop Yield


Helps growers collect and interpret crucial data to make the right decision at the right time.

400 multi-function sensor nodes employed with 8 major growers. 8.5M existing records that can be correlated with five years of experimental field trial results.

Integration of multiple vendor data streams will provide advanced Agricultural Intelligence, including yield prediction and enhancement models.

Existing IoT and AI analytics platform for sensing, monitoring, and reporting to make better yield and resource decisions by optimizing Opti-Filter products.

custom designed

Each of our components in the Opti View System works together to allow real-time monitoring and reporting of environmental factors needed to improve crop yield, development and resource use efficiency.

System components

The pieces of the patent pending iOT systems

Opti Nodes

A custom built, reference platform. Our Nodes are comprised of an Ext Optical Sensor, Int Optical Sensor, Central Node, and temp and Humidity Sensor

✔ Battery operated sensors measure real world parameters and transmit to the Gateway. With approximately 1 year of continuous operation.

✔ Analog sensors measure visible and IR light, temperature, and humidity.

✔ Measurements taken every 15 minutes (or as desired)

Gateway System

Composed of the Opti-Harvest Gateway and Solar Panel

✔ Collects data from the nodes and securely transmits it over the Verizon network to Google cloud.

✔ Gateway consists of solar cells and storage batteries for continuous operation

✔ Each gateway covers approximately 640 acres (depending on terrain)

Opti Dashboard

Your hub for lux and sensor status

✔ Web or Mobile based interface where all data is reported, graphed, and analyzed.

✔ Plants can be geo tagged and mapped to their GPS position.

✔ Alarms can be raised whenever factors exceed pre-determined thresholds that require attention, e.g. Temp > 30C


Our custom-built hardware and software solutions are designed to integrate reliable ‘plug and play’ sensors with powerful algorithms and complimentary data streams to provide growers with unparalleled information from which to make better long term farming decisions.

accurate predictions

Success in farming depends on making accurate predictions. Our growers can incorporate real-time environmental and plant data into their decision making process.

We combine data from other complimentary sources to additional insights into the drivers of higher yield and lower operating costs.

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