Canopy Units

For Mature Trellis Crops

Canopy Units

High density plantings result in heavy shading; sunlight reaches exterior foliage
while inner canopies remain shaded, non-productive or produce unmarketable
fruit. The Opti-Harvest Canopy Unit is designed to penetrate the canopy bring
light where it is needed.

improve production

of citrus, pistachio, & cherries

Common pruning practices are costly, wasteful and reduce fruit yield.

Parabolic collector provides efficient light collection; translucent down-tube disperses photo selective light inside canopy to enhance production.

Flexible Size options

The Canopy Unit comes in a choice of sizes to cater to a wide range of crops and provide the right option for every application.

✔ Small Size: Ideal for Sumo

✔ Large Size: designed for cherries, pistachio, regular sized citrus trees

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