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Opti-Filter Technology

Established Science + Farmer Centric Designs = Multiple Benefits & ROI.

Opti-Filter™ is a patented light filtration technology that maximizes the sun’s most productive rays, filtering out those that inhibit growth. By converting natural sunlight into scattered red-enriched light, Opti-Filter gives plants more of what they need to thrive.

Opti-Filter technology is integrated into rugged farmer-centric field products designed to increase light interception while providing a microclimate environment and significant reductions in labor costs and other expenses associated with conventional farming.

Tested and Proven

65+ field trials executed
over 6 years

Our family of products was developed and tested in collaboration with some of the country’s largest commercial farms.

Over 65 field trials conducted with leading growers in California’s Central Valley, Salinas Valley and the Sonoma regions. Opti-Harvest leverages an interdisciplinary team with decades of experience in plant physiology, horticulture, optical physics and field practice.


Climate-Smart Solutions

Optimized Water-Use Efficiency.

Opti-Filter™’s optimized light environment is detected by the crop canopy and conveyed to the root system as positive signals to thrive – producing more active, efficient, productive, and healthy crops.

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