The NuPlant Unit

Introducing the 2020 NuPlant Unit

The NuPlant Unit is modular and customizable to fit a broad range of applications



2017-2019 Field Trials Conducted in California

How do Opti-Harvest NuPlant Units Accelerate Growth?


Optimizes spectral composition, intensity, and dispersion of light


Eliminates shading from neighboring vines during summer and fall


Improves the temperature environment, especially in cool climates


Protects vines from wind - problematic in many coastal regions


Optimized light and microclimate environment promotes growth & accelerates time to 1st crop and maturity


Highly versatile and durable modular system designed to fit different trellising systems


Regulation of temperature and wind inside units via hole design & vertical aperture


Includes weed-blocking mat accessory

Easy To Use

Easy to install & cost effective

Labor Savings

Increased fruit production & reduced labor costs

The R&D Behind the NuPlant Units

2017-2019 Field Trials Conducted in California

  • NuPlant Unit design integrates expertise in Plant Physiology, Horticulture, Optical-physics, field practice & experience + feedback from growers
  • Field trials were each composed of 20+ replicates/treatment, fully randomized.
  • Data collected and statistically analyzed by independent 3rd parties (Lange RC; Phytech, etc.)