Opti-Panels : Our 2020 Commercial Product

Revolutionary Trellis: Light, Canopy & Fruit management


Translucent, photo-selective, holey polymer


Designed to be part of present and future trellising systems


•      Providing spectrally modified, diffused light penetrating exactly where it is required for better fruit yield and quality      •

•      Self-training; No canopy management     •      Improved microclimate: wind-breaking, yet good aeration      •

•      Protection from rain, hail, frost, sunburns      •      Accessibility for labor, spray etc.      •

Benefits of the Opti-Panels

Crop maturity can be advanced, delayed, or not affected based on selection of panel chromatics

Canopy is kept open all season improving bud fruitfulness and cluster quality the following year

Labor required to manage canopy and position shoots is almost eliminated

Fruit is positioned into distinct zones reducing harvest labor

Plastic covers atop the trellis can be deployed for protection against rain, hail, and frost

Spray efficiency is improved, and spray drift reduced

Trial Sites