Citrus, Avocado, Almond, Pistachio & Other Tree Crops


Individual shields that provide a tailored photo-selective light environment and protected microclimate to accelerate tree development and shorten production times in newly planted tree crops.

Opti-Shield™ Innovation

See Your Crop in a New Light with Opti-Shield™

Opti-Shields reflect and scatter red-enriched sunlight toward the young tree, evenly distributing the most stimulating parts of the light spectrum.

Opti-Shield’s structure creates a protective microclimate to shield plants from wind which, coupled with optimized light spectrum, lengthens daily growing period, protects plants from environmental stress, and repels pests.

Opti-Shields accelerate trunk and canopy development, increase foliage density and increase first harvest yield by 50-100%

How We Shield

Trees grown with Opti-Shield reach maturity 1-2 years faster.

Individual shields that provide a tailored photoselective light environment and protected microclimate to accelerate the development and shorten time-to-production in newly planted almond, pistachio, and citrus tree crops by providing a spectrally-modified and scattered light environment, along with wind-breaking and improved microclimate.

Opti-Filter Technology

Established Science + Farmer Centric Designs = Multiple Benefits & ROI.

Opti-Filter™ is a patented light filtration technology that maximizes the sun’s most productive rays, filtering out those that inhibit growth. By converting natural sunlight into scattered red-enriched light, Opti-Filter gives plants more of what they need to thrive.

Opti-Filter technology is integrated into rugged farmer-centric field products designed to increase light interception while providing a microclimate environment and significant reductions in labor costs and other expenses associated with conventional farming.

The Opti-Shield Design

With Opti-Shield, trees reach full production several years sooner, increasing return on investment.

Light Filtration
Using Opti-Filter technology, Opti-Shield filters sunlight to the red end of the spectrum while inhibiting wavelengths that limit growth. Red light powers photosynthesis and triggers a positive photomorphogenic response. More red-light fuels faster growth, denser & healthier canopy and root systems, and better water-use efficiency
Light Dispersion
Interior texture reflects and scatters light to overcome self-shading, allowing uniform light distribution, promoting photosynthetic activity all over the canopy foliage, and maximizing the photo selective physiological impacts.
Trees are protected from cold and wind, Opti-Shield creates a microclimate that extends the daily active growing period, resulting in faster and more robust growth.
Water Use Efficiency
Better developed and more active root system results in more efficient uptake of water and nutrients from the soil.

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