For Mature Trellis Crops


Solar funnels penetrate the canopy of mature fruit and nut trees to increase productivity. Improving production in mature tree crops by bringing light where it’s needed.

improve production

of citrus, pistachio, & cherries

Common pruning practices are costly, wasteful, and reduce fruit yield. With Opti-Skylights, you can reduce labor costs associated with center canopy pruning, increase fruit size and quality, all with higher water use efficiency.

Parabolic collector directs sunlight to the inner canopy. Red-enriched light is delivered through the down-tube for enhanced production. Trees with Opti-Skylights increase yield by 20%-40%.

Flexible Size options

The Opti-Skylights come in variable sizes to cater to a wide range of crops and provide the right option for every application.

✔ Small Size: Ideal for Sumo

✔ Large Size: designed for cherries, pistachio, regular sized citrus trees

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