The Opti-Gro Unit

Our first commercial product

Opti-Gro Units

Individual plant growth chambers target multiple biological processes to naturally accelerate growth and shorten time to first crop and maturity in table grape and wine grapevines. Unlike conventional grow tubes that constrain growth, Opti-Gro provides tailored light, microclimate, and natural vine training.

Accelerate Growth

of Table, Raisin & Wine Grapes

✔  Microclimate & Plant Protection

Opti-Gto Structure creates a wind-protected humid microclimate to lengthen daily growing period. The durable chamber repels pests and protects from environmental stress.

✔  Reduce Labor Costs                   

Chamber naturally trains vines upward, acting as a trellis structure, pushing laterals onto trellis wires, reducing labor costs associated with training.

✔  Light Filtration & Dispersion

Internal texture disperses light to engage the entire plant in photosynthesis, effectively eliminating shading, and filtering red-enriched light to give plants get the most productive part of the spectrum.

Opti-Gro Vine Replanting

Replanting missing vines is paramount to maintaining vineyard production and extending economic life of the vineyard. The Nu-Plant system was designed to combat replanting challenges

✔   3-5% of table and raisin grape vines need to be replaced each year in the U.S. and around the world.

✔   Vineyards can lose an average of 5%+ of their vines each year from Pierce’s Disease.

✔   Replanted vines seldom catch up with the rest of the vineyard due to shading and labor required for vine training.


Opti-Gro units for Vine Replants overcome heavy shading from adjacent vines and eliminate vine-training labor; significantly shortening production and maturity times.

Tailored light delivery and controlled microclimate, results in dramatically faster, longer, and more vigorous vegetative growth.

Opti-Gro Newly Planted Vineyards

Cool climate viticulture regions like Napa, Sonoma and Central Coast of California produce premium quality wines but take years to grow.


Vine growth and development can take over four to five years to establish a vineyard to full production.

Typical vine stems remain green; new growth is lost to winter frosts and needs to be re-grown in year 2.


Opti-Harvest units used in newly planted vineyards result in treated vines that progress past the herbaceous stage becoming lignified in year 1; surviving the winter & producing a 1st crop in year 2.

Tailored light delivery and controlled microclimate, results in dramatically faster, longer, and more vigorous vegetative growth.

Opti-Gro features

increased protection

 STRONG WINDS                      WEED SPRAYS                    ANIMALS                    COLD TEMPS

in-field Comparable results

In our test trials, installed May 2018, our documented results show a 2x growth pattern by July.


Dramatically accelerated stem, leaf and trunk diameter growth; 2X growth compared to control vines.

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Introducing the 2020 NuPlant Unit

Our 1st Commercial NuPlant Product


Optimized light and microclimate environment promotes & accelerates vine growth; shortens time to 1st crop and maturity


Highly versatile and durable modular system designed to fit different trellising systems


Regulation of temperature and wind inside units via hole design & vertical aperture


Includes weed-blocking mat accessory

Easy To Use

Vine friendly and grower friendly


Easy to install & cost effective

2017-2019 Field Trials Conducted in California

The NuPlant Unit is modular and customizable to fit a broad range of applications

The R&D Behind the NuPlant Units

2017-2019 Field Trials Conducted in California

  • NuPlant Unit design integrates expertise in Plant Physiology, Horticulture, Optical-physics, field practice & experience + feedback from growers
  • Field trials were each composed of 20+ replicates/treatment, fully randomized.
  • Data collected and statistically analyzed by independent 3rd parties (Lange RC; Phytech, etc.)

How do Opti-Harvest NuPlant Units Accelerate Growth?


Optimizes color, intensity, and dispersion of light


Eliminate shading from neighboring vines during summer and fall


Improve the temperature environment, especially in cool climates


Protect vines from wind - problematic in many costal regions