Sustainable Solutions

Water Use Efficiency

70% of the world’s freshwater is used for agriculture. With water availability declining and prices rising, this critical resource has become an essential component to long-term sustainability.

Opti-Harvest technology creates an optimized light environment that is detected by the crop canopy and conveyed to the root system as positive signals to thrive – producing crops that are more active, productive, efficient, and healthy.


Our sustainable Ag technology platform is powered by the sun. It maximizes a free and renewable resource with no need for additional chemicals or fertilizers.


Stimulating root development via tailored light and adding physical protection, our products create a microclimate limiting evaporation and allow more efficient water uptake, thus reducing water stress and irrigation needs.


Our products are made in the USA from highly durable HDPE, the most eco-friendly and recyclable plastic. We reclaim and recycle them at no extra cost, eliminating waste.


Our products are carbon footprint-negative, by accelerating and maximizing growth, allowing plants to fix more carbon from the atmosphere.


We bring the benefits of a greenhouse back into the fields, for greater crop yields and significant savings in energy, labor, water, and carbon emissions, yielding enhanced profits with fewer resources.



We solve the problem of shading in close density planting by maximizing light interception beyond all known conventional practices, allowing better land use and optimized productivity for higher revenue per acre.

The result: +50% mitigation of plant daily water stress*, plus:

▪More efficient uptake of water and nutrients from the soil promoting:

▪Better root system development with increased carbohydrate storage to be used in the following year

▪Better feeding for the productive activity of the canopy

▪More active and viable canopy produces more fruit per tree and increased fruit size – with the same irrigation, and

Increased uptake of CO2 from the atmosphere