Carbon-Capturing Technology Enhances Plant Growth

Humans put over 72 trillion pounds of CO2 into the atmosphere each year. Carbon capture and storage (or sequestration), also known as CCS, is a process that aims to take carbon dioxide (CO2) made by humans at its source and store it underground for good. As one possible way to reduce greenhouse gases, CCS could reduce the amount of CO2, an important greenhouse gas, that power plants and other large industrial facilities put into the air. Congress and the private sector are interested in using carbon to cut down on emissions into the air and help pay for the cost of CO2 capture.

Opti-Harvest is on a mission to put carbon where it belongs and do its part to restore balance.


Citrus, Almond, Pistachio & Other Tree Crops

Opti-Shields shorten time to full production by 1-3 years

Opti-Shields shorten time to full production by 1-3 years

Droughts and Water Impacts on Carbon storage

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, and the U.S. Department of Agriculture update America’s Drought Monitor every week. This is a map that shows where and how much water is scarce in the U.S. More than half of California’s land has been under stress for eight of the last ten years. 95% of the West was “abnormally dry” as of February 8, 2022. In addition to helping the climate, carbon farming practices improve the soil’s ability to absorb and hold water, which makes droughts and floods less likely. It also helps protect biodiversity, increase food security, grow food and forage with more nutrients, and reduce soil erosion.

Due to a severe drought, skyrocketing temperatures, and a global food crisis, the fertile San Joaquin Valley has become a hub for agricultural innovation. California farmers are using a new product that filters sunlight to increase crop yield and decrease water use. Opti-Harvest has multiple products made up of high-density polyethylene (a recyclable material) that target different crops for better water efficiency, and carbon capture.

Opti-Panels, Opti-Shields Plants use light to make food through a process called photosynthesis. During this process, plants use light to turn carbon dioxide and water into carbohydrates and oxygen. For this process to work, there must be enough water.

Farmers, landowners, foresters, and other people who take care of soil all over the world are trying to stop carbon from escaping into the atmosphere. They are also being incentivized to store excess CO2 in their plants. Opti-Harvest hopes to assist farmers and commercial growers in making better use of sunlight in order to save water, reduce labor costs, and mitigate negative environmental impacts while increasing the number of crops that can be sold.

Opti-Filter’s photo-selective technology is not only beneficial for farmers but also for the environment!

Carbon Capturing and Other Benefits of Opti-Harvest technology

Our advanced agriculture technology (Opti-Filter™) and precision farming (Opti-View™) platforms enable commercial growers and home gardeners to harness, optimize, and better utilize sunlight, the planet’s most fundamental and renewable natural resource. Farmers can use fewer chemical fertilizers and pesticides if they use this technology. This makes the soil healthier and helps them grow more crops that are high in nutrients. Also, because this technology uses sunlight instead of artificial light sources like HPS lamps or LED grow lights, it doesn’t add to greenhouse gas emissions or use more electricity, which helps reduce the effects of climate change.

Opti-Filter™ photo-selective technology also helps protect natural ecological systems by providing farmers with more precise and efficient crop management strategies that reduce the risk of weeds, pests, and water runoff. The patented Opti-Filter™ product lines such as the Opti-Panel, enable commercial growers of high-value specialty crops to better utilize sunlight to increase light intensity and penetration, block harmful UV rays, and reduce water evaporation while ensuring optimal nutrient delivery, improving crop yield, and reducing energy costs.

We are proud to say that our Opti-Filter™ products have been used successfully in dozens of commercial greenhouse operations around the world.

With Opti-Panels water stress was reduced by 30- 50% during Sep-Nov.

The sun has different wavelengths, going from red to violet. Using Opti-Filter™, areas of the plant covered in shade get more red light, which boosts crop productivity. It also blocks wavelengths that are bad for plant growth, like green and blue light, and boosts the light that plants need to grow. The roots get stronger, which means they need less water and can take in more nutrients. The panels also stop water from evaporating. Labor costs fall because this product doesn’t need to be replaced like other materials farmers use to ensure their bounty

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5 Key takeaways:
1. Larger canopy
2. More complex root system
3. Healthier orchard.
4. Lower water stress
5. More efficient uptake of all amendments & fertilizers

Opti-Shield VS. Control
Trees planted in 2021
Opti-Shield added 02/2022


Opti-Filter™ by Opti-Harvest

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A revolutionary light, canopy, and fruit management system for trellised stone, citrus, and other tree fruit crops. Opti-Filter allows increased photosynthesis, and CO2 capture improves root system development. The thriving root system then creates a more efficient uptake of water and nutrients, increasing yield. Increase Marketable Yield Keeping the canopy open throughout the growing season promotes uniform development and improved fruit quality and production.

How it Works

The Opti-Harvests platform uses a mix of advanced technologies to bring the benefits of a greenhouse to open-field farming. These benefits include light, climate, and labor control. This allows crops to grow faster, with better yields and greater cost savings. Not only does this system require less energy and water than traditional farming methods, but it also reduces labor costs by up to 65%. Plus, since most of this system is powered by solar energy, it doesn’t release much or any carbon into the air.

The Benefits of the Opti-Panel Platform

Using the same amount of water as traditional farming, Opti-Harvest products see better:

↑ Fruit per Tree

↑ Fruit Size

↑ Energy Storage

↑ CO2 Sequestration

Opti-Panels provide 5-8x more light than common farming practices, increasing fruit quality in trellised crops and total marketable yield year over year. Opti-Panels can be added to existing trellis systems or built into new ones. They keep the center open and let more light in throughout the season. Opti-Panels help mature grapevines on trellises grow evenly and produce more by removing self-shading and spreading red-rich light evenly across the productive canopy. They also keep grapevines from getting damaged by bad weather and make it easier to prune and manage the canopy.


Peach Orchard Trials

Increased Fruit Yield

Increase of Marketable Quality Fruit*

During two years of peach orchard trials,* Opti-Panels demonstrated a 17% increase of marketable fruit quality each year, highlighted by:


Table Grapes, Raisin Grapes & Other Mature Trellis Crops

Opti-Panels provide 5-8x more light than common farming practices

Cumulative Harvested Fruit of Marketable Quality

Opti-Panels of two colors (Red and Pearl) were installed on Apr 4th, 2020. The following year (Mar 6th, 2021), only Red Panels were installed. Fruits were uniformly thinned by the grower to the same extent in all treatments earlier in the season. Selective harvests of the fruit of marketable quality (color and size) were performed according to the grower’s common practice. Sixteen trees were averaged per treatment.

Cumulative Yield (Kg/tree)Relative IncreaseAverage Fruit
Weight (g/fruit)
Relative Increase
Red Panels129.3+16.4%212+6.4%

Proven Results

The global population is growing exponentially, and the demand for food production is growing right along with it. To meet this need, farmers and agricultural technicians must look for ways to farm that are more sustainable than traditional methods. By using advanced technologies that are powered by renewable resources like sunlight, we can create a way to grow food that is better for the environment without sacrificing yield or quality. With Opti-Harvest’s patented Opti-Filter agricultural technology and Opti-View precision farming platforms, commercial growers of high-value specialty crops can make better use of the free sunlight.


Great question! Opti-Filter is a patented light-filtering technology that uses the sun’s most helpful rays while blocking the harmful rays that slow growth.

Our Opti-Shield product line reflects and scatter red-enriched sunlight toward the young tree, evenly distributing the most stimulating parts of the light spectrum

Opti-Shield™ and our Platforms

We are proud to offer advanced agricultural technology platforms, including Opti-Filter™ and Opti-View™. With these technologies, commercial growers and home gardeners can get the most out of the sun’s natural energy to get the most out of their harvests. Both Opti-Filter™ and Opti-View™ have been developed with an emphasis on climate resilience, making them ideal for use in areas with persistent water stress or extreme temperatures. Our solutions aid crop adaptation to current climate conditions while also providing a means of mitigating future challenges caused by changing weather patterns or other environmental factors.

Opti-Filter Technology

Established Science + Farmer Centric Designs = Multiple Benefits & ROI.

Opti-Filter™ is a patented light filtration technology that maximizes the sun’s most productive rays, filtering out those that inhibit growth. By converting natural sunlight into scattered red-enriched light, Opti-Filter gives plants more of what they need to thrive. Opti-Filter technology is integrated into rugged farmer-centric field products designed to increase light interception while providing a microclimate environment and significant reductions in labor costs and other expenses associated with conventional farming.

The Benefits of Precision Farming

Our precision farming solutions don’t just use the sun’s energy; they also let farmers use data analytics to get the most out of their crops in terms of yield and nutrition. By using technology like Opti-View™, growers can track specific metrics such as temperature, soil moisture levels, and nutrient distribution in order to make informed decisions about how best to cultivate their crops. Also, our precision farming tools help cut down on labor costs by automating tasks that would have to be done by hand otherwise. This lets farmers put their energy into other parts of their business while still getting great results from their efforts to grow crops.

Environmentally friendly farming is not only possible but also necessary if we want to make sure that there will be enough food for everyone on Earth in the future. That is why we have developed our advanced agricultural technology platforms with an emphasis on sustainability and precision farming practices that minimize our reliance on chemicals and fertilizers while maximizing crop yields through the effective utilization of sunlight as a free, renewable resource. If you are ready to embrace eco-friendly agriculture solutions for your farm or home garden, look no further than Opti-Harvest Technologies!

Have you been looking for a way to increase production and reduce labor costs in your vineyard or crops grown on trellis systems? Look no further than our patented Opti-Filter™ product lines, including Opti-Gro. All of our products are made of HDPE, which is a material that can be recycled. This lets commercial growers of high-value specialty crops make better use of sunlight, our most basic, free, and renewable natural resource.

Through this innovative approach, it is possible to cut down on the amount of work that goes into watering, pruning, canopy management, training, and other similar farming tasks. At the same time, plants are protected from harsh weather, animals, and, in some cases, insect pests. Let’s look at how Opti-Filter technology can help your business today.


Fully randomized field trials, each composed of 20+ replicates per treatment, performed on warm climate table grapes.

Table grapes in warm climates using Opti-Gro have shown success. Newly planted vineyards and vine replants have also seen great results using Opti-Gro. Individual plant growth chambers that provide a photo-selective light environment protected Microclimate and natural vine training for table grapes in warm climates.

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How Does Opti-Filter Technology Work?

Opti-Filter™ is a patented light filtration technology that maximizes the sun’s most productive rays, filtering out those that inhibit growth. By converting natural sunlight into scattered, red-enriched light, Opti-Filter gives plants more of what they need to thrive. Opti-Filter technology is built into tough, farmer-focused field products that are made to let in more light, create a microclimate, and cut labor costs and other costs associated with traditional farming by a large amount.

Replanted vines take several seasons to reach production and rarely catch up with the rest of the vineyard due to shading and the labor required for vine training. The result can be a 3-5% annual loss. Replanted grapevines with Opti-Gro reach production faster, overcoming shading by adjacent vines.

Opti-Filter technology functions as individual plant growth chambers that target multiple biological processes to naturally accelerate growth and shorten the time to first crop and maturity in table and raisin grapes and wine grape vines. This optimized light and microclimate environment promotes vine growth and development while naturally training vines upward. This greatly reduces labor costs associated with these processes.


The results:

Full production 1-2 years sooner

200-300% increase in fruitfulness

20% increase in root development

30-100% increase in trunk diameter

2x faster growth and shoot lignification

5x more likely to survive winter frost dieback

50% less water stress

Benefits of Opti-Gro :

Opti-Gro cuts down on the time and money needed to train vines and also reduces the risk that bad weather will damage crops or slow production. By giving plants the best place to grow, they can handle extreme temperatures or rain/snow storms that could hurt crop yield or quality.

Newly planted vineyards in these climates typically take 2-3 years to produce a viable first crop and 4-5+ years to reach full production. Conventional small-diameter disposable grow tubes restrict leaf growth and increase internodal length, hampering vine development.

Opti-Gro accelerates time to first crop and full production by 1-2 years while reducing labor costs.

Established Science + Farmer Centric Designs =

Multiple Benefits & ROI

Opti-Filter offers:
● Increased marketable yield
● Accelerated growth with a shorter time to first crop and maturity
● Reduced labor costs
● Increased water-use efficiency
● Mitigate environmental impacts (reduced pesticide drift)
● Protection from damaging weather events (reduced incidence of postharvest mold and other pathogens) and livestock

Opti-Gro accelerates time to first crop and full production by 1-2 years while reducing labor costs.

When planting vines, it can take between 2-4 years before the crop reaches full production. But with the Opti-Gro system, this time can be shortened from 1-2 years. By providing a photo selective light environment and protection from environmental stresses, the Opti-Gro system ensures that newly planted vineyards and replacement vines reach full production much earlier. With the help of the Opti-Gro system, vineyards have been able to increase their crop yields and improve the quality of their crops. With minimal maintenance, the Opti-Gro system is a cost effective way to get your vines into production quickly. Plus, with its automated watering and nutrient delivery systems, you can save time and money on labor costs. So don’t let long production timeframes stop you from planting the vineyard of your dreams – Opti-Gro can help get your vines into production quickly and cost effectively.

Let’s explore how this revolutionary system works.

What is Opti-Gro?

The Opti-Gro system is a highly effective plant growth chamber that accelerates growth and development of young vines and other plants. This technologically advanced system consists of individual chambers made of 100% recyclable plastic and mounted to specialized frames that are designed to accommodate different vine species. Each chamber contains a high light transmittance film layer which allows more sunlight to reach the plant while protecting it from harsh outside conditions such as wind and frost. The chambers also provide optimal temperatures and humidity levels for plants to thrive in. Additionally, by containing the microclimate around the young vine, plants are able to develop lignified, fully mature laterals in their first season enabling production in the following year.

How Does It Work?

The Opti-Gro system works by creating an ideal environment for plants to grow with reduced risk of exposure to environmental stressors such as strong winds or extreme temperatures. Additionally, because of its light transmission properties, vines grown using this system have longer internodes resulting in stronger roots and an improved ability to survive weather related events such as droughts or frosts. Moreover, because the environment within each chamber is controlled manually through irrigation systems or sensors that detect soil moisture levels, farmers can better monitor crop health and adjust water levels accordingly ensuring optimal growth results every time. Lastly, by having access to onsite agronomists who can provide expert advice on how best to use this technology farmers are able to maximize yields while minimizing waste due to over watering or under watering of crops.

The Opti-Gro system is changing the way farmers grow vines by making it much faster for the first crop to grow and for the vines to reach maturity. With a photo-selective environment coupled with a protective microclimate around young vines, they are able to achieve accelerated growth, leading to full production years earlier than traditional methods would allow them to! With fewer worries about environmental stresses affecting their crops and access to expert advice on how best to use this technology, farmers everywhere are now reaping the benefits of using this revolutionary new product!



For farmers, water is a precious resource. It’s needed to keep crops healthy, but wasted water can devastate the farm. Because of this, Opti-Harvest has made climate-smart products that help growers get the most out of their land, labor, and water resources and get the most out of their production. Let’s look closer at how Opti-Harvest is helping farmers save water while increasing efficiency.

We are conserving resources during changes.

Opti-Harvest has new products that make it easier for farmers to save water and use it more wisely. Climate change is making it harder for farmers to grow the food we need, and farmers are under pressure to save water and use fewer fertilizers and pesticides. Weather that changes more often and gets more extreme can change growing seasons, make it harder to get water and let weeds, pests, and fungi grow, all of which hurt crop productivity.

Extreme weather events change growing seasons and conditions, limit water use, hurt biodiversity, and make eliminating weeds, pests, and fungal diseases harder. All of these things make crops less productive. An important physiological response to our technology is that it reduces daily water stress by up to 50%, makes it easier for plants to take in water and soil nutrients, and makes photosynthesis take in more carbon dioxide from the air. Soil erosion reduces the land used for farming, and less biodiversity makes it harder for crops to be pollinated. A rise in the frequency of droughts and floods also tends to reduce crop yields.

Benefits of Opti-Harvest

We think there will be more small-scale farming in homes, community gardens, vertical farming, and indoor and rooftop gardens in cities. Climate change and supply problems make improving household, community, and business food security important through home gardens, urban agriculture, and production farming. We must make it easier for people to get food from nearby sources, invest in agricultural technology and education, and develop better policies to help small farms grow. We believe that this will help us create a more sustainable future.

From commercial to community

The World Economic Forum estimates that if just 15% to 25% of farms were to adopt precision agriculture technologies, such as variable nutrient and water applications, global crop yield could increase by 10% to 15% by 2030 while at the same time reducing greenhouse gas emissions and water use by 10% and 20% respectively.

The benefits of using Opti-Harvest are numerous. By using these climate-smart products, farmers can get the most out of their water use and reduce waste. They can also improve crop yield by providing their crops with just the water needed for optimal growth. Furthermore, these tools provide valuable insights into what works best in different environments, so farmers can experiment with different strategies until they find one that works best for them. And finally, these tools help cut down on labor costs because they automate tasks that farmers used to do by hand, like scheduling irrigation and checking the soil.

The innovative climate-smart products made by Opti-Harvest are making waves in the agriculture industry. These products help growers get the most out of their land, labor, and, most importantly, water. Through accurate measurements of things like soil type, crop type, and weather conditions, as well as the ability to collect data in real-time, Opti-Harvest shows farmers for the first time how to use their resources most effectively and save money over time. Whether you’re a large farm or a small hobbyist grower looking to get ahead of the curve regarding sustainable farming practices, look no further than Opti-Harvest!

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