Accelerate Growth for Vines using Opti-Gro

When planting vines, it can take between 2-4 years before the crop reaches full production. But with the Opti-Gro system, this time can be shortened from 1-2 years. By providing a photo selective light environment and protection from environmental stresses, the Opti-Gro system ensures that newly planted vineyards and replacement vines reach full production much earlier. With the help of the Opti-Gro system, vineyards have been able to increase their crop yields and improve the quality of their crops. With minimal maintenance, the Opti-Gro system is a cost effective way to get your vines into production quickly. Plus, with its automated watering and nutrient delivery systems, you can save time and money on labor costs. So don’t let long production timeframes stop you from planting the vineyard of your dreams – Opti-Gro can help get your vines into production quickly and cost effectively.

Let’s explore how this revolutionary system works.

What is Opti-Gro?

The Opti-Gro system is a highly effective plant growth chamber that accelerates growth and development of young vines and other plants. This technologically advanced system consists of individual chambers made of 100% recyclable plastic and mounted to specialized frames that are designed to accommodate different vine species. Each chamber contains a high light transmittance film layer which allows more sunlight to reach the plant while protecting it from harsh outside conditions such as wind and frost. The chambers also provide optimal temperatures and humidity levels for plants to thrive in. Additionally, by containing the microclimate around the young vine, plants are able to develop lignified, fully mature laterals in their first season enabling production in the following year.

How Does It Work?

The Opti-Gro system works by creating an ideal environment for plants to grow with reduced risk of exposure to environmental stressors such as strong winds or extreme temperatures. Additionally, because of its light transmission properties, vines grown using this system have longer internodes resulting in stronger roots and an improved ability to survive weather related events such as droughts or frosts. Moreover, because the environment within each chamber is controlled manually through irrigation systems or sensors that detect soil moisture levels, farmers can better monitor crop health and adjust water levels accordingly ensuring optimal growth results every time. Lastly, by having access to onsite agronomists who can provide expert advice on how best to use this technology farmers are able to maximize yields while minimizing waste due to over watering or under watering of crops.

The Opti-Gro system is changing the way farmers grow vines by making it much faster for the first crop to grow and for the vines to reach maturity. With a photo-selective environment coupled with a protective microclimate around young vines, they are able to achieve accelerated growth, leading to full production years earlier than traditional methods would allow them to! With fewer worries about environmental stresses affecting their crops and access to expert advice on how best to use this technology, farmers everywhere are now reaping the benefits of using this revolutionary new product!



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