Unlock Your Vines Potential with Opti-Filter Technology

Have you been looking for a way to increase production and reduce labor costs in your vineyard or crops grown on trellis systems? Look no further than our patented Opti-Filter™ product lines, including Opti-Gro. All of our products are made of HDPE, which is a material that can be recycled. This lets commercial growers of high-value specialty crops make better use of sunlight, our most basic, free, and renewable natural resource.

Through this innovative approach, it is possible to cut down on the amount of work that goes into watering, pruning, canopy management, training, and other similar farming tasks. At the same time, plants are protected from harsh weather, animals, and, in some cases, insect pests. Let’s look at how Opti-Filter technology can help your business today.


Fully randomized field trials, each composed of 20+ replicates per treatment, performed on warm climate table grapes.

Table grapes in warm climates using Opti-Gro have shown success. Newly planted vineyards and vine replants have also seen great results using Opti-Gro. Individual plant growth chambers that provide a photo-selective light environment protected Microclimate and natural vine training for table grapes in warm climates.

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How Does Opti-Filter Technology Work?

Opti-Filter™ is a patented light filtration technology that maximizes the sun’s most productive rays, filtering out those that inhibit growth. By converting natural sunlight into scattered, red-enriched light, Opti-Filter gives plants more of what they need to thrive. Opti-Filter technology is built into tough, farmer-focused field products that are made to let in more light, create a microclimate, and cut labor costs and other costs associated with traditional farming by a large amount.

Replanted vines take several seasons to reach production and rarely catch up with the rest of the vineyard due to shading and the labor required for vine training. The result can be a 3-5% annual loss. Replanted grapevines with Opti-Gro reach production faster, overcoming shading by adjacent vines.

Opti-Filter technology functions as individual plant growth chambers that target multiple biological processes to naturally accelerate growth and shorten the time to first crop and maturity in table and raisin grapes and wine grape vines. This optimized light and microclimate environment promotes vine growth and development while naturally training vines upward. This greatly reduces labor costs associated with these processes.


The results:

Full production 1-2 years sooner

200-300% increase in fruitfulness

20% increase in root development

30-100% increase in trunk diameter

2x faster growth and shoot lignification

5x more likely to survive winter frost dieback

50% less water stress

Benefits of Opti-Gro :

Opti-Gro cuts down on the time and money needed to train vines and also reduces the risk that bad weather will damage crops or slow production. By giving plants the best place to grow, they can handle extreme temperatures or rain/snow storms that could hurt crop yield or quality.

Newly planted vineyards in these climates typically take 2-3 years to produce a viable first crop and 4-5+ years to reach full production. Conventional small-diameter disposable grow tubes restrict leaf growth and increase internodal length, hampering vine development.

Opti-Gro accelerates time to first crop and full production by 1-2 years while reducing labor costs.

Established Science + Farmer Centric Designs =

Multiple Benefits & ROI

Opti-Filter offers:
● Increased marketable yield
● Accelerated growth with a shorter time to first crop and maturity
● Reduced labor costs
● Increased water-use efficiency
● Mitigate environmental impacts (reduced pesticide drift)
● Protection from damaging weather events (reduced incidence of postharvest mold and other pathogens) and livestock

Opti-Gro accelerates time to first crop and full production by 1-2 years while reducing labor costs.

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