Maximize Yields and Optimize Nature with Opti-Harvest’s Sustainable Agriculture Technology

A revolutionary light, canopy, and fruit management system for trellised stone, citrus, and other tree fruit crops. Opti-Filter allows increased photosynthesis, and CO2 capture improves root system development. The thriving root system then creates a more efficient uptake of water and nutrients, increasing yield. Increase Marketable Yield Keeping the canopy open throughout the growing season promotes uniform development and improved fruit quality and production.

How it Works

The Opti-Harvests platform uses a mix of advanced technologies to bring the benefits of a greenhouse to open-field farming. These benefits include light, climate, and labor control. This allows crops to grow faster, with better yields and greater cost savings. Not only does this system require less energy and water than traditional farming methods, but it also reduces labor costs by up to 65%. Plus, since most of this system is powered by solar energy, it doesn’t release much or any carbon into the air.

The Benefits of the Opti-Panel Platform

Using the same amount of water as traditional farming, Opti-Harvest products see better:

↑ Fruit per Tree

↑ Fruit Size

↑ Energy Storage

↑ CO2 Sequestration

Opti-Panels provide 5-8x more light than common farming practices, increasing fruit quality in trellised crops and total marketable yield year over year. Opti-Panels can be added to existing trellis systems or built into new ones. They keep the center open and let more light in throughout the season. Opti-Panels help mature grapevines on trellises grow evenly and produce more by removing self-shading and spreading red-rich light evenly across the productive canopy. They also keep grapevines from getting damaged by bad weather and make it easier to prune and manage the canopy.


Peach Orchard Trials

Increased Fruit Yield

Increase of Marketable Quality Fruit*

During two years of peach orchard trials,* Opti-Panels demonstrated a 17% increase of marketable fruit quality each year, highlighted by:


Table Grapes, Raisin Grapes & Other Mature Trellis Crops

Opti-Panels provide 5-8x more light than common farming practices

Cumulative Harvested Fruit of Marketable Quality

Opti-Panels of two colors (Red and Pearl) were installed on Apr 4th, 2020. The following year (Mar 6th, 2021), only Red Panels were installed. Fruits were uniformly thinned by the grower to the same extent in all treatments earlier in the season. Selective harvests of the fruit of marketable quality (color and size) were performed according to the grower’s common practice. Sixteen trees were averaged per treatment.

Cumulative Yield (Kg/tree)Relative IncreaseAverage Fruit
Weight (g/fruit)
Relative Increase
Red Panels129.3+16.4%212+6.4%

Proven Results

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