How Opti-Harvest is Helping Farmers Save Water and Increase Efficiency

For farmers, water is a precious resource. It’s needed to keep crops healthy, but wasted water can devastate the farm. Because of this, Opti-Harvest has made climate-smart products that help growers get the most out of their land, labor, and water resources and get the most out of their production. Let’s look closer at how Opti-Harvest is helping farmers save water while increasing efficiency.

We are conserving resources during changes.

Opti-Harvest has new products that make it easier for farmers to save water and use it more wisely. Climate change is making it harder for farmers to grow the food we need, and farmers are under pressure to save water and use fewer fertilizers and pesticides. Weather that changes more often and gets more extreme can change growing seasons, make it harder to get water and let weeds, pests, and fungi grow, all of which hurt crop productivity.

Extreme weather events change growing seasons and conditions, limit water use, hurt biodiversity, and make eliminating weeds, pests, and fungal diseases harder. All of these things make crops less productive. An important physiological response to our technology is that it reduces daily water stress by up to 50%, makes it easier for plants to take in water and soil nutrients, and makes photosynthesis take in more carbon dioxide from the air. Soil erosion reduces the land used for farming, and less biodiversity makes it harder for crops to be pollinated. A rise in the frequency of droughts and floods also tends to reduce crop yields.

Benefits of Opti-Harvest

We think there will be more small-scale farming in homes, community gardens, vertical farming, and indoor and rooftop gardens in cities. Climate change and supply problems make improving household, community, and business food security important through home gardens, urban agriculture, and production farming. We must make it easier for people to get food from nearby sources, invest in agricultural technology and education, and develop better policies to help small farms grow. We believe that this will help us create a more sustainable future.

From commercial to community

The World Economic Forum estimates that if just 15% to 25% of farms were to adopt precision agriculture technologies, such as variable nutrient and water applications, global crop yield could increase by 10% to 15% by 2030 while at the same time reducing greenhouse gas emissions and water use by 10% and 20% respectively.

The benefits of using Opti-Harvest are numerous. By using these climate-smart products, farmers can get the most out of their water use and reduce waste. They can also improve crop yield by providing their crops with just the water needed for optimal growth. Furthermore, these tools provide valuable insights into what works best in different environments, so farmers can experiment with different strategies until they find one that works best for them. And finally, these tools help cut down on labor costs because they automate tasks that farmers used to do by hand, like scheduling irrigation and checking the soil.

The innovative climate-smart products made by Opti-Harvest are making waves in the agriculture industry. These products help growers get the most out of their land, labor, and, most importantly, water. Through accurate measurements of things like soil type, crop type, and weather conditions, as well as the ability to collect data in real-time, Opti-Harvest shows farmers for the first time how to use their resources most effectively and save money over time. Whether you’re a large farm or a small hobbyist grower looking to get ahead of the curve regarding sustainable farming practices, look no further than Opti-Harvest!

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