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Proven Expertise and Distinguished Credentials

Jonathan Destler | Founder and CEO
  25 years experience in capital markets, corporate finance and corporate communications
  Co-Founder of financial communications firm, Financial Profiles, Inc.
  Senior executive at global communications leader InterPublic Group
  Founding investor of revolutionary plastics recycling company, Loop Industries, Inc.

Yosepha Shahak, Ph.D. | Chief Science Officer
  40+years experience in academic research and development in plant physiology, photosynthesis, bioenergetics and horticulture sciences
  Renowned authority in plant-light interactions and related applications in agriculture
  Inventor of Photoselective Netting, a new patented agro-technology
  Chief-scientist of the Regional Agricultural R&D Centers in Israel (Emeritus)

Nicholas Booth, Ph.D. | Chief Technical Officer
  20+ years of experience in optical science, optical design and system manufacture
  Inventor of numerous optical imaging, sensing and opto-mechanical systems
  Designed and built space flight hardware for NASA + numerous pre-clinical medical devices utilizing photon-tissue interactions for diagnosis
  Developed and characterized wavefront correcting thin films for corrective lens applications

Nadav Ravid, M.Sc. | Advisor
  45 years of experience in applied horticulture R&D with specialized expertise in fruit cultivation innovations
  25 years of R&D consulting for leading fruit (citrus, pistachio, almond, pomegranates etc.) growing companies in California
  Private farming holdings and practice

Jodd Readick | VP of Engineering, IoT
  30 years cross industry experience in IT, telecom and technology product innovation
  CTO of IoT carrier offering international services
  Co-founded several innovative telecom firms
  Due diligence expertise-M&A, consulting: Samsung, ATT, Wells Fargo, Citicorp, Arthur Anderson

Daniel L. Farkas, Ph.D. | Advisor
  30+ years of academic and industrial research and development
  Renowned authority on the interaction between light and biological systems
  Founder and chairman of ten companies, including two public entities

Kyra Smith M.Sc. | R&D Field Operations Manager
8 + years experience in applied horticulture research and development in plant physiology, weed science, and hydroponics
Experienced in plant breeding in high value crops (Citrus and Grapes)
  Skilled in evaluation and data processing of results
Specialized in executing and managing Research Trials in high value crops (Citrus, Grapes, Cotton, Vegetables and Asian Vegetables)

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