Opti-Gro™ Innovation

5 Ways to Save with Opti-Gro™

Check out five simple ways that Opti-Gro™ can help you save!

Opti-Filter™ Technology

Accelerated Growth

Newly planted vineyards typically take 3-4 years to produce a viable first crop and 5-6+ years to reach full production.

Vines grown in Opti-Gro chambers develop lignified, fully mature laterals in their first season, enabling production the following year.

Opti-Gro accelerates time to first crop and full production by 1-2 years.

Grow Faster.

Additional Yield

Opti-Gro uses Opti-Filter™ light filtration technology gives plants more of what they need to thrive, resulting in a shorter time to first crop and maturity, improved fruit quality, and increased marketable yield.

200-300% Increase In Fruitfulness.

Save Time & Money

Water & Labor Savings

65%+ Labor Savings

Save On Labor Costs

Designed to fit into existing trellis systems with little to no hands-on management, Opti-Gro naturally trains vines onto the trellis, reducing vine training labor costs.

15% Savings on Water & Electricity

Water Savings

Better developed and more active root system, more active and viable canopy producing more fruit per tree and increased fruit size with the same irrigation.

Save Your Crop

Increase Vine Survivability

Opti-Gro helps replanted vines overcome shading from adjacent vines and accelerates growth to the trellis and protects vines from wind, hail, frost, heat, pests, etc.

75% Reduction in vine mortality.

These savings benefits offset the investment cost and most growers recoup their investment after year 2.
Opti-Gro units are recyclable, reusable, and have a guaranteed usable lifespan of 10+ years.

Ready To See Your Crop Grow In a New Light?

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