New Crop Solutions

Individual plant growth chambers that provide a photo-selective light environment, protected microclimate, and natural vine training for table grapes in warm climates.

For Table, Raisin & Wine Grapes

Opti-Gro shortens growth time to production by 1-2 years.

Vines that are grown with Opti-Gro develop lignified, fully mature laterals in their first season, enabling production in the following year.

For Citrus, Almond, Pistachio & Other Tree Crops

Opti-Shields shortens time to full production by 1-3 years.

Opti-Shields reflect and scatter red-enriched sunlight toward the young tree, evenly distributing the most stimulating parts of the light spectrum.

Climate-Smart Solutions

Optimized Water Use Efficiency.

Opti-Filter™’s optimized light environment is detected by the crop canopy and conveyed to the root system as positive signals to thrive – producing more active, efficient, productive, and healthy crops.

Opti-Filter Technology

Established Science + Farmer Centric Designs = Multiple Benefits & ROI.

Opti-Filter™ is a patented light filtration technology that maximizes the sun’s most productive rays, filtering out those that inhibit growth. By converting natural sunlight into scattered red-enriched light, Opti-Filter gives plants more of what they need to thrive.

Opti-Filter technology is integrated into rugged farmer-centric field products designed to increase light interception while providing a microclimate environment and significant reductions in labor costs and other expenses associated with conventional farming.

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If you’ve visited us in the past year, you’ve likely seen our experiment in action. We purchased 70 Opti-Harvest chambers for the 2022 growing season to see what they could do for our vines. We compared the performance of these chambers with blue ‘Grow Tubes” that capture and concentrate blue light and with our control section without any chambers. We quickly saw what the right kind of light can do for vine growth. By optimizing photosynthesis of the vines, our crops with the Opti-Harvest chambers showed 50% more vine growth than the controls. In addition to increasing vine yield, we noted an increase in disease and pest resistance.

Martin Crompton
Project Director, Union Grove Farm

I don’t want to call it an instant vine, but they have a vine that is well on its way to having the permanent parts in place, the structure that’s going to be enhanced by diameter growth, that day. And that’s remarkable. That’s fast. That’s cost savings right there.

Rhonda J. Smith
Viticulture Farm Advisor, UCCE Sonoma County (Emeritus)

For the panels and replanting units – there is really no competition out there.

William Peacock
Tulare County UCCE Viticulture Consultant and Researcher (Emeritus)

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