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Opti-Gro in Sebastopol, CA

In Sebastopol, CA, we look at the difference benefits of using Opt-Gro.


Santa Margarita, CA

Illustrating growth acceleration for vine replants/vine replacements using Opti-Gro.
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Wine Grapes in Escalon, CA
part 1

A look at the benefits wine growers using Opt-Gro.
Part 1 of 2


Wine Grapes in
Escalon, CA
part 2

A continuation of part 1 showing the benefits of using Opti-Gro.
Part 2 of 2


Cabernet Grapes in
Paso Robles, CA

Benefits of Opti-Gro on Cabernet Sauvignon.


Union Grove Farms Testimonial

A testimonial from Martin Crompton at the North Carolina vineyard 90 days into using Opt-Gro.



Foley Farms

Al Wagner, senior vice president of Foley Family Farms, and Craig Harvey of Nelson Farming of Ventura.


Illustrating Canopy Growth and Improved Yield

By creating a protective microclimate, Opti-Shield™ utilizes sunlight more effectively by scattering it at an optimal spectrum. This results in an extended growing period, environmental stress mitigation, and repelling of pests that may threaten plant growth.


Watch the Opti-Shield in action!

See a practical use for the Opti-Shield.


Experience Improved Wind Protection.

Opti-Shield’s structure creates a protective microclimate barrier to shield plants from wind which, coupled with uniformly scattered sunlight of optimized spectrum, lengthens daily growing period, protects plants from environmental stress, and repels pests.



Table Grapes in Krissy Vineyard
in Clovis, California

A natural benefit of heat and rain protection provided by Opti-Panels™ is mitigating loss of harvestable crop and labor-savings. Post-harvest in a Krissy vineyard in Clovis, California, we observe 80% fewer berries dropped by labor crews in the section protected by the Opti-Panel. Protection from rain and fruit rot, high humidity & condensation, heat damage, wind and hail equate to substantial savings for the grower from fruit loss and reduced labor costs to “clean” clusters during harvest.
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Opti-PANEL VS Control

Lisbon Lemons – Opti-Panels vs Control in Kern County.


ADORA Table Grapes

See what Adora table grapes look like when you grow without vs with Opti-Panels.


Condensation reduction on Table Grapes using Opti-PANEL

Bill Peacock shows a comparison of condensation build up for table grapes with plastic covers vs Opti-Panels.


Accelerate Growth on Trellised Shiranui

Observe the difference in growth between Shiranui treated with Opti-Panel vs. trees without the benefits of red-enriched light


Frost Damage on Krissy Table Grapes

Opti-Panel VS Control

Frost Damage on Krisy Table Grapes.

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