Opti-Harvest’s proprietary technology offers a compelling alternative to existing ‘common practice’
methods used to enhance light interception. Bringing sunlight to where it is needed,
in the quality and quantity needed, with an optimized microclimate to maximize Ag production
in a way never done before.

The Opti-Harvest Innovation

Light-interception is a major limiting factor for production and product quality in Ag. High density planting causes excessive shading in open-field and greenhouse cultivation.

✔ Improve production in mature vineyards & orchards

✔ Accelerate growth of newly planted crops

✔ Reduce Labor Costs

grow smarter

Sunlight is a major Ag input;
still free of charge

Go beyond pruning, training,
leafing, centering & spacing

Our Family of Products

Accelerate Growth
of Newly Planted Vines, Trees, & Other Crops

Our NuPlant Units and and Opti-Shields accelerate plant establishment & development.

Cutting time to production and maturity by allowing your newly planted crops to overcome shading by adjacent older vines/trees.

All while reducing labor costs by naturally training vines on to the trellis.

Table, raisin
& wine grapes

Almond, pistachio,
citrus & other crops

Improve Production
in Established Vineyards & Orchards

Our Opti-Panels and Canopy Units provide spectrally modified, diffused light to produce better fruit yield and quality.

Our products offer your crops protection from rain, hail, frost, sunburns. They’re designed for present and future trellising systems, and reduce canopy management by self-training vines.

Table, raisin, wine grapes,
& other trellis crops

Citrus, pistachio,
& cherries

Proven Results


of field trials and testing with leading growers in California’s Central Valley, Salinas Valley and Sonoma regions

Strong interdisciplinary team with decades of experience in plant physiology, horticulture, optical physics & field practice

Outstanding Value to Growers

We provide an attractive ROI for growers that includes increased crop quality and production and significant labor savings.

Opti-Harvest technology is based on well established scientific research; photo-selective filtration of sunlight has well documented effects on numerous crops in different climates.

With Opti-Harvest our growers get high quality design and construction – Made in U.S.A.


Significant labor savings on training,
pruning, leafing and picking.


Broad applications for vine
and tree crops.


Extensive field trials and thirdparty
data validate proof of concept.


Consumer product opportunities
being developed for home
garden use.

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