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Better Light Makes Better Fruit™

Our Mission is to help farmers and commercial growers better use sunlight to increase marketable yield, improve water use efficiency, reduce labor costs and mitigate adverse environmental impacts.

An Economic Value to Growers

Our Family Of Products Show Proven Results.

Our family of products has been tested and developed in collaboration with some of the country’s largest commercial farms. We’ve incorporated our unique Opti-Filter™ technology into versatile, durable products specifically designed to integrate smoothly into commercial farming operations.

Crop Types

What Type Of Crop Are You Growing?

See how Opti-Harvest has helped so many grow.

Climate-Smart Solutions

Optimized Water-Use Efficiency.

Opti-Filter™’s optimized light environment is detected by the crop canopy and conveyed to the root system as positive signals to thrive – producing more active, efficient, productive, and healthy crops.