Opti-Harvest is an agricultural innovation company.

Opti-Harvest is an agriculture innovation company focused on accelerating growth and maximizing production in high-value crops using proprietary Opti-Filter™ light filtration and dispersion technology. We help growers harness the power of agriculture's greatest free resource– the sun– to deliver light of optimized quality where it's needed.

Developed by Ph.D. scientists and designed for commercial farming, our products integrate decades of experience in plant physiology, horticulture, optical physics, and direct field practice and feedback directly from California's major commercial growers.

Our Mission is to help farmers and commercial growers better use sunlight to increase marketable yield, improve water use efficiency, reduce labor costs and mitigate adverse environmental impacts.

Opti-Filter™ Technology

Naturally Supercharged Photosynthesis

Opti-Filter™ is a patented light filtration technology that converts natural sunlight into scattered red-enriched light. By maximizing the sun’s most productive rays and filtering out those that inhibit growth, Opti-Filter gives plants more of what they need to thrive, resulting in a shorter time to first crop and maturity, improved fruit quality and increased marketable yield.

Opti-Filter™ photo-selective technology is integrated into product lines designed to further enhance benefits by providing microclimate environment plus significant reductions in labor costs and other related expenses associated with conventional farming practices.

Science + design = multiple benefits: increased production, accelerated growth, increased water use efficiency, labor cost savings and ROI.

Our Product Family

Accelerating Growth

Newly Planted Vines, Trees, & Other Crops


Table, Raisin & Wine Grapes


Citrus, Almond, Pistachio & Other Tree Crops

Improving Production

Mature Vineyards & Orchards


Table Grapes, Raisin Grapes & Other Mature Trellis Crops


Citrus, Pistachio, Cherries & Other Specialty Crops

Proven Results

An Economic Value to Growers

Our family of products has been tested and developed in collaboration with some of the country’s largest commercial farms. We’ve incorporated our unique Opti-Filter™ technology into versatile, durable products specifically designed to integrate smoothly into commercial farming operations.

The result:

  • Increased marketable yield
  • Accelerated growth with shorter time to first crop and maturity
  • Reduced labor costs
  • Increased water-use efficiency
  • Mitigate environmental impacts - reduced pesticide drift
  • Protection from damaging weather events – wind, frost, sunburn, rain, hail
  • Reduced incidence of post-harvest mold and other pathogens

65+ field trials over 5 years

Water Use Efficiency

A Sustainable Solution

70% of the world's freshwater is used for agriculture. With water availability declining and prices rising, this critical resource has become an essential component to long-term sustainability.

Opti-Harvest technology creates an optimized light environment that is enriched with red & far red light that sends positive signals to the root system, resulting in a more productive, efficient, and healthy canopy.

Opti-Harvest products significantly accelerate growth and increase yield using the same amount of water.

Traditional Farming
With Opti-Harvest
Fruit Per Tree
Fruit Size
Energy Storage
CO2 Sequestration

+50% mitigation of plant daily water stress

Water Use Research Results

A +50% mitigation of plant daily water stress

A more efficient uptake of water and nutrients from the soil promoting:

  • Stronger root system development with increased carbohydrate storage for the following year
  • Increased fruit size and more fruit per tree and vine - with the same irrigation
  • More active and viable, and productive canopy
  • Increased uptake of CO2 from the atmosphere


Our Interdisciplinary Team

Proven Expertise and Distinguished Credentials

Developed by scientists and designed for commercial farming. Our products integrate decades of experience in plant physiology, horticulture, optical physics, with over 5 years of field trials and testing with leading growers in California’s Central Valley, Salinas Valley, and Sonoma regions.

Geoff R. Andersen

30+ years’ experience in corporate development, entrepreneurship, technology and nonprofit

Geoff R. Andersen

Chief Executive Officer

Steve Handy CPA, CGMA

35 years’ experience in private and public company financial stewardship and accounting

Steve Handy CPA, CGMA

Chief Financial Officer

Yosepha Shahak, Ph.D.

50 years’ experience in academic research and development in plant physiology, photosynthesis, bioenergetics and horticulture sciences

Yosepha Shahak, Ph.D.

Chief Science Officer

Nicholas Booth, Ph.D.

20+ years’ experience in optical science, optical design and system manufacture

Nicholas Booth, Ph.D.

Chief Technical Officer

Jodd Readick

30 years of cross-industry experience in IT, telecom and technology product innovation

Jodd Readick

Chief Technical Officer – Precision Ag

Jonathan Destler

25 years’ experience in capital markets, corporate finance and corporate communications.

Jonathan Destler

Founder & Corporate Development Director

Kwame Acheampong, Ph. D.

Over 15 years in Research with specialization in studying specialty crops & plant science

Kwame Acheampong, Ph. D.

Director of R&D and Field Operations

Jeremy Basich

25 years’ experience in Ag: Big Box Retail, Product Launch, Margin Enhancement and Supply Chain.

Jeremy Basich

Vice President of Sales

Kelly Fargo

20+ years’ experience in growth strategy development, funnel building, brand management, social responsibility and public relations.

Kelly Fargo

Marketing Director


Daniel L. Farkas, Ph.D.

30+ years of academic and industrial research and development

Daniel L. Farkas, Ph.D.

Nadav Ravid, M.Sc.

45 years of experience in applied horticulture R&D with specialized expertise in fruit cultivation innovations

Nadav Ravid, M.Sc.

The Late Joseph Turchyn (served 2020-2023)

Opti-Harvest honors Mr. Turchyn and his contributions as a critical strategy advisor who brought his 40+ years experience in management, finance and business strategy to advance our mission to help farmers throughout the world.

The Late Joseph Turchyn (served 2020-2023)

Mike Conaway

US House of Representatives (eight terms TX 11th CD) and Prior Chairman of the Ag Committee

Mike Conaway

Hazel Y. Wetzstein, Ph.D.

Dr. Hazel Wetzstein is Professor Emerita and former Department Head of the Horticulture and Landscape Architecture Department at Purdue University.

Hazel Y. Wetzstein, Ph.D.


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